- Art Basel Hong Kong

8 Floating Ribbon

HDA | ARUP | Spiers & Major | client : Swire Properties Ltd


a lounge space, for reception
Wood, fabric, steel
A floating Ribbon, in a figure of 8, a Moebius infinity form engaging with the mega columns of the HKCEC. Symbolic of continuity and therefore of sustainability. Because sustainability is about infinity and fluidity. It creates a lounge space, for reception, interactive talks, creating a place for people to meet and exchange in the context of the Art Basel HK event on the waterfront of Hong Kong.
In white fabric stretched on a lightweight frame, the ribbon weaves around the front column of the SPL lounge area from a utility technical space around the second rear column. It is suspended from the front column with radial cables and stabilizing brackets from a structural column sleeve that provides support without touching the column itself. A reception and refreshment bar surrounds the front column and contributes to stabilizing the support column sleeve. Apart for the Fabric, all remaining pieces such as bar and column, rear technical space and seating barriers are in waxed plywood.

Being suspended above the lounge area it ensures a free line of vision through to the HKCEC glass facade and the harbour beyond.
Lighting is provided by LED downlights, providing indirect light to at the countertop that reflects back as warm glow to the fabric ribbon above.

The Ribbon is inspired by the Climate RibbonTM by Swire Properties in Miami, at the near complete Brickell City Centre that was unveiled at another Art Basel event there in December last year.